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BORN 1 JAN 1876, DIED 1 AUG 1966

MARRIED ALICE CALDWELL b. 24 AUG 1877, d. 18 apr 1928

CHILDREN 1) David Caldwell Brumfield b. 22 NOV 1900, d. 3 SEP 1983 2) Emmett Lee Brumfield b. 6 MAR 1902, d. 3 JUN 1980 3) Zeno Brumfield b. 2 JUN 1910, d. 21 JAN 1972 4) Rosa Lee Brumfield (twin) b. 12 MAR 1922, d. 23 OCT 1980 5) Bessie Lee Brumfield (twin) b. 12 MAR 1922, d. 13 MAR 1922

BACKGROUND (extracted from BRUMFIELD HISTORIES by Albert Ray Brumfield and Dell Magee Clawson) Fred served an apprenticeship as a blacksmith ca. 1898 at Greenlaw, Louisiana across the Tangipahoa River from the Dykes place where they were living (east of Osyka, Mississippi.) In 1901 he bought his home place in Washington Parish, Louisiana in the north forks of the Pusheppatapa Creek at Stateline, Louisiana. The area was sparsely settled. Not having a buggy, all members of the family rode horseback to church, the little ones riding double with their parents. Fred was an industrious, hardworking farmer. In 1916 his cotton crop was good, and he bought one of the first Model T Ford automobiles to arrive in newly founded Bogalusa, Louisiana. Alice was the daughter of David Caldwell and Lacreda Dykes. Alice's grandfather Caldwell was from Canada.

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