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BORN     ca 1745-1755 DIED ca 1826

MARRIED  1) Lucy or Lucinda

         2) Isaac b. ca 1780, d. ca NOV 1810
         3) Elizabeth
         4) John b. ca 1768
         5) Charity
         6) Mary
         7) Jesse b. ca 1786, d. 1852

MARRIED 2) Elizabeth


(extracted from BRUMFIELD HISTORIES by Albert Ray Brumfield and Dell Magee Clawson)
Charles Brumfield was born circa 1745-1755, probably in
Prince Edward County, Virginia. He died in early 1826 in York County,
South Carolina. His will was dated 1815 and probated April 24, 1826.
Charles married 1) Lucy or Lucinda _________, mother of the children
listed. Before November 1781, Charles married 2) Elizabeth Patton,
sister of John and David Patton, by whom he had no children.

On at least 2 occasions, Charles sold supplies to the North Carolina
Military. See Revolutionary War Accounts in the North Carolina
Department of Archives and History: Volume XIV, page 13, folio 1, and
Volume V, page 2, folio 1.

Charles was living in Wake County, North Carolina, when his father,
(John) Watson Brumfield died in November 1781. Apparently he lived in
North Carolina until 1789, at which time he, some of his children,
and the Kellys, moved to York County, South Carolina.

His home was on Fishing Creek, York County, South Carolina, which was
purchased from William Martin in 1807, adjoining land that he already
owned. His second wife Elizabeth left a will that was probated
7-2-1834, leaving her estate to her side of the family, indicating
that none of the Brumfield children were her own.

Charles was a member of the Catawba Baptist Church, located between
Catawba and Rock Hill, South Carolina. The church was aso called
Ellison's Creek or Catawba River in its early years. Charles was a
church messenger to the association meetings in 1796 and 1797. In one
of the meetings, Charles presented the recommendations of his
congregation, that a certain minister be censured because of subject
matter in his sermons. From "South Carolina Baptists, 1670-1805" by
Leah Townsend.

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